Charlie Crepps

Charlie Crepps is a local musician from Birmingham. He released his first project November 1st of 2018. He is heavily focused on translating feeling sonically, and lyrically. One of his main motivations for creating music is to make others feel the way he does when he listens to music. “One of the most important things to me is the story, I want my music to feel like a complete project not just music in your ears.” Charlie grew up around music, constantly listening to whatever he could get his hands on. Being born in Austin, TX, Charlie takes lots of influence from the music in and around the city. “Growing up in Austin gave me a solid base for music, and a real appreciation for it. As I developed my love for music I branched out and started listening to more than just early two thousands country, which really shaped the sound I have now.” Charlie has lived in the Birmingham area for eight years, and has said how much he admires the culture and where the city is headed.

Charlie Crepps was featured on Let’s Talk Birmingham on October 21, 2018 alongside Interstellar Brewery.

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One Hundred and Two
— Let's Talk Birmingham song pick