Talking Birmingham’s booming creative sector with one of it’s biggest advocates, Buddy Palmer, President & CEO of Create Birmingham. With music by Sweet Tea Trio.


NONPROFIT - Create Birmingham

Create Birmingham is the only agency in the region exclusively dedicated to the economic development of Birmingham’s creative industries. They are the parent organization of Birmingham365, Film Birmingham, & SpaceFinder Birmingham.

They invest in imagination and invention by supporting workforce development, entrepreneurial ventures, and job growth in the nonprofit and commercial creative sectors. Create Birmingham collaborates with individuals, businesses, and organizations to identify opportunities, overcome barriers, and strengthen communities. We also work to raise greater public awareness of their constituents’ talents, products, services, and skills. Birmingham’s creative class is part of a 21st-century movement that is creating real economic change. They are proud to advocate for the creative industries in Birmingham.

Buddy Palmer, President & CEO of Create Birmingham appeared on “Let’s Talk Birmingham" radio show on February 10, 2019.

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