Deon Gordon

President, Tech Birmingham

Deon Gordon serves as CEO & President of TechBirmingham, the local technology council for Greater Birmingham, representing the interests and causes of approximately 300 tech companies and related organizations. Prior to joining TechBirmingham in December 2017, he led as the Director of Business Growth for REV Birmingham, an economic development agency partnered with City of Birmingham to focus on placed-based revitalization and small business growth. He proudly serves on the boards of the Railroad Park Foundation, Southern Research advisory body, Innovation Depot, and the Birmingham Business Alliance among others. He is an avid fan of Outkast, Ozark, and people who use the Oxford comma.

Deon Gordon appeared on “Let’s Talk Birmingham" radio show on February 17, 2019.

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When we’re bringing in businesses, it’s not just about the crease in the tax base it’s also about making sure that it touches those have been traditionally overlooked and marginalized...
— Deon Gordon

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