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The Offender Alumni Association (OAA) was started in 2014 by former Chief Justice Drayton Nabers, Jr. and former offender Deborah Daniels.  The OAA mission is to create a network of former offenders who inspire each other to reduce recidivism, to establish healthy relationships in their communities, and to provide opportunities for economic, social, and civic empowerment. 

1.     OAA launched its first support forum in 2014 with 14 offenders and 5 family members of former offenders.

2.     In 2016 received its nonprofit status and launched support forums in 2 major Alabama prisons and implemented its community revitalization initiative.  

3.     By 2017, OAA added the family support group while retrospectively, over 500 former offenders and family members had attended the outside support forum and nearly 2000 had come to an in-prison support group. During the summer months of 2017 OAA hosted a Youth Career Readiness Initiative with 14 at risk youth.

4.     In 2018, OAA launched 2 additional outside support forums, 1 in Birmingham West-end and 1 in Atlanta Metro area. OAA has also implement an inside forum for women at the Birmingham Community Base Facility and Atlanta Metro Reentry Facility.  

5.     In 2018, OAA became an active partner with the Credible Messenger Initiative orchestrated through the US Attorney North District in Georgia and granted funding. OAA was recognized by President Trump for Innovative Prevention/Reentry Strategy.

Teresa Armstrong, Leceadricke Young, and Darrell Wilson of OAA, appeared on “Let’s Talk Birmingham” radio show on April 14, 2019.

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